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The Process of Moving Toward Modesty:

The goal of this web site is to plant seeds of truth in your mind, to encourage you to make decisions to move toward modesty. We recognize that we all have our unique perspectives and practices. What we need is God’s perspective. That’s why we need to have a willingness to listen and respond, as the Holy Spirit leads us.

In the following articles, books and various types of media, Seventh-day Adventists and Christians of other faiths have written and spoken about this topic of dress from their hearts. Some come at it from a more spiritual angle, and others focus on the practical aspects. Some express their feelings with great intensity and forcefulness, others are mild and extremely tactful in their approach. Not all methods of presenting this subject can appeal to all people. That is why there is a need for variety.

As you sample these presentations, please pray for the spirit of a learner. Don’t let one person’s approach turn you away. Move on and taste the next one. There is a message here just for you! God does want to speak to your heart about your appearance. He wants you to understand His will regarding your clothing.

If you are a beginner in the concept of modesty, remember that God loves you just as you are. But He loves you too much to leave you just as you are! He has many wonderful things to teach you, as His precious daughter. He will lead you on step by step. This is all about an adventure with Jesus, so cling to Him, and let Him show you how you can please Him in all things.
– Linda Kirk

**The preceding material is provided by Remnant Raiment