passposrtpicDo you remember receiving a gift? I am sure most of you do! Without a doubt I remember opening up a package that my Grandmother had sent to me. I didn’t even know that she sent something until the package arrived.

As the delivery man left I quickly I closed the door and put the package on the table. Then as I began opening it I felt delight and anticipation while wondering “What would she be sending me?” There it was, a basket of beautiful fruit and I like a child, though in my early 50’s, enjoyed looking at each fruit and the lovely basket with close examination! 

Our dear Heavenly Father has been preparing a place for us to live. He created so much for us that it will take countless ages to learn the details. But today, if we do not appreciate His gifts here, we simply will not find nature or even the precious gift of Salvation interesting.

Passport was developed to assist in areas where we might need a little bit of encouragement to stretch our education beyond our present abilities. Also, you will be happy to know Passport  is for each of us, regardless of our age!