Little David


Little David


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1.

   The winter was long and very snowy though little David enjoyed the snow. He would work hard outside with his brothers shoveling the snow off the driveway and afterwards would build snow forts, but yet all that he could think about was riding his bicycle. Finally spring time was here and all the snow was now melting. Little David was so happy for spring because he missed riding his bicycle. Yet because of all the melting snow and spring rain showers he could not ride his bicycle because the ground became muddy. So he began to wait patiently with great enthusiasm to take his first ride on his bicycle.

   During that the spring and summer little David enjoyed all the time he could ride his bicycle. He used some clamps and old cards that we found so that he could make a motor noise as his wheels turned and turned. He thought it made his bicycle sound more like a motorcycle which was great fun for him.

   But now that summer was ending, little David was back in school. He was happy for the new books Mother picked out for him, he did not understand why things were changing and did not like it that he could not work and play outside like he did during spring and summer. So with a little bit of reluctance he began his school year. But he had trouble keeping his mind on his school work. He was too busy remembering the fun he had during the summer. Like working in the garden, helping with the landscaping, playing with his brothers and of course riding his bicycle. What he really wanted to do was to go back outside to work and to play. Mother worked with him every day to help him understand that it is good for him to learn. He knew that Mother was trying to help him be happy about school, but he found it hard as he thought about all that summer fun amd had lots of trouble studying.

   A few weeks after school had begun little David began to think how much fun it was to learn. Do you know why? Because he learned that he could read on his own, and write things which he could not do before. Little David even began telling his Mother “I did not know that!” when he learned something new. Now little David began to understand that school was fun too.

   Sometimes we find it difficult to accept changes. Do you know why? Because sometimes we are so busy and happy doing what we are doing, that we forget that Jesus gave us many other fun and exciting things to do. We hope that you will find your changes in life to be as fun and exciting just like little David.

– C. Fritz

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