Bread From Heaven


Bread from Heaven


A True Story

   It has been several years since this miracle, but it is one that has left us to never forget that our water and bread shall be sure!

   It was just about mid February of 2003, when my husband could not find a job. It was during this time that I asked others to prayer for us. But I was soon to learn that God had much more for us than what I had asked for.

   Our Bible worker was in another state than where we lived, and he could not come up to visit us as soon as he received my prayer request. He was deeply concerned with our present conditions because we were working on the last of our foods. So he quickly replied with a promise to bring us some food and inquired if we were sure that we had enough until Friday and I said “Yes.”

   It was now Wednesday, and my heart was sad even though my husband’s hopes were high that he would soon get a job. Once again I looked at our dried beans which would not cook as they were too old. So then immediately I went to the refrigerator to count the last slices of our Ezekiel Bread. I was so happy to see that we indeed had just enough for our children to eat on Thursday if we were careful. And with the knowledge that on Friday the Bible worker would be coming to provide us with some food was comforting because our concern was feeding our children.

   That Wednesday evening, I remember giving out Ezekiel bread to each person. We enjoyed our bread and the children ate their fill. Now my heart became concerned once again as I put the last of the bread away in the refrigerator, but not before I counted to make sure there was just enough for tomorrow. And there was just enough for the children! I was thankful for this and thanked the Lord although knowing that my husband and I would not eat tomorrow.

   The next morning we awoke and then my son Danny opened the refrigerator door and asked “Mommy, I thought you said we do not have any more bread?”

   I replied “There is enough bread for you and your brothers to eat today.”

   He immediately replied, “Mommy, there are two whole loaves of Ezekiel Bread left.”

   I quickly walked over to the refrigerator and looked. He was right. There were two more loaves of Ezekiel Sesame Bread, the children’s favorite! Then I called my husband and he was amazed at what he had seen and questioned us if we had mistakenly overlooked this bread, or if we had snuck out to purchase some. But all we all said the same “Last night there was part of a loaf and nothing more.”

   “He shall dwell on high: his place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure.” Isaiah 33:16

   We were all satisfied and none in our home went hungry that Thursday. Then on Friday, when the Bible worker arrived he opened up his vehicle and so generously stated “When God opens up the heavens, it rains!” Inside were many boxes of food and the Lord did supply all our need.


-Cheri Fritz

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