God Has A Plan


God has a Plan


   Did you know that God has a special plan for your lives? Even though you are very young, if you will ask Jesus to lead you and teach you, He will prepare you to do a special job for Him when you get older, and even now while you are young.

   Many years ago, when our children were small, we were praying that Jesus would help us to be missionaries wherever we lived. This means that we ask Him to help us to be kind, thoughtful, helpful and to show what He is like to one another in the family and to our neighbors.

   God allowed us to live in many different places, but the most interesting place is where we live now. We had been learning about how God wanted us to teach people more about His ways, and that He wanted us to do agriculture, which is growing plants in a big way, more than flower pots and little gardens. He wanted us to have a farm. So we prayed and prayed that He would show us where to live.

   Finally one day, the farm that we rented, but didn’t own sold. That meant we had to move somewhere else. “Where Lord? Where do You want us to move?” Through an unusual way, God led us to an old log cabin about 1/2 hour from where we were living. In just a few days after seeing it, arrangements were made for us to buy it. We moved there almost 10 years ago. Our farm is called ‘A Place to Grow’

   When we moved in, we found all sorts of work to do. People had left old garbage around, lots of metal and wood and rocks and we thought – God is a God of order. If this is His home, then we had better clean it up. So we went to work. All of us worked together cheerfully to make our home look better.

    The next summer, the children wanted to grow a garden. Not just a little garden, but big gardens, about 3 acres. Maybe your parents or teacher can show you how big that is. Well we worked and made the soil nice, we planted seeds and plants, we weeded and kept things looking nice and prayed a lot that God would send sunshine and rain to help things to grow. And they did.

   One day a friend that I had met, came to visit our farm to pick some peas. She had to walk past all of the gardens and she saw all the things growing so nice. She asked ‘Who does all the work here?’ I told her that the children and I do the gardening. It is their project. She was very surprised that children and young people would like to work like that. We talked for a long time about the Bible and about Jesus and about how He wants us to live and work.

   Finally she asked an unusual question. ‘Would you mind if I called the newspaper about this place?’ Well, I didn’t expect that. But I answered that if the Lord could be brought honour then sure.

   A week later, a newspaper reporter called and asked for an interview with the 3 children. He was surprised that they got along well with each other, that they liked to work and that they didn’t want to just sit around and watch TV or go to the malls. They really enjoyed what they were doing. We showed him all around and talked to Him about the Bible and about how God wanted us to live.

   He wrote an article in the paper about the farm and said good things about our family and our faith. This is what God did so that we could do missionary work. We were only trying to please Him and do faithfully what was in front of us, and then God started sending the people.

   Over that summer we had hundreds of visitors who were curious to know about our farm, about being vegetarians, about families working together, about bees, and about our faith. We were very busy doing missionary work. The children would help people and help mom. They would be kind to each other and to the people who came. This was the greatest witness they could be.

   I learned a very important lesson that summer. We can be missionaries wherever we live, if we will let God work out His plan. So pray that He will show you as well what you can do, and then do it with all your might.


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