Articles on Apparel

Christian Modesty

Modesty, Femininity, Simplicity & Healthfulness

Dress: An Issue of My Heart – by Staci Osterman (SDA)- deeply spiritual article to help you understand the significance of our choices in dress.
An Open Letter to SDA Sisters – What SDA Men Are Saying Tempts Them Most!
Discovering God’s Rare Gems for Women (SDA) This comprehensive article will help you answer the vital question: “Am I A Follower of Fashion?” An urgent and compelling message that every Seventh-day Adventist woman needs to read.
How Important is My Dress?by Gwen & Rick Shorter (SDA) Taken from the book “Thy Nakedness; Lord, What Shall I wear?” Powerful quotations from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy regarding the importance of following God’s counsel in dress.
Balanced and Beautiful by Laurel Damsteegt (SDA) – Excellent for young women – covers a wide range of inspired principles of dress.
Modest and Healthful Clothing – by Pilgrim’s Rest (SDA) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: The Spirit of Prophecy compilation
God’s Plan for Our Personal Appearance – by Vernon Sparks, M.D. (SDA)