A Prayer

O, Lord, cure my blindness,
My eyes that do not see.
Still the clamor of my words
And grant me victory.
O, Lord, help me to stand still
And know that thou art God,
To turn my face to Calvary,
Not be part of that mob.

Wash me, cleanse me, make me pure,
Fill me with Thy Spirit.
Cast out my Laodicean mien,
Fire me with Thy merit,
Seeing bruised Gethsemane,
And where Golgotha made its bid,
Seeing the anguish of Thy soul
When the Father’s face was hid.

O, Lord, cure my unconcern,
Make so real my empathy,
That I won’t drive the nails again,
But sincere be and true to Thee
May I see Thee on Thy throne,
With angels in Thy glory,
Come to sing the victor’s song
To end this old world’s story.

– Eileen Conley Peters