One More Tear . . .

This morning while praying, I thought of you,
My child, my loved, my life,
Of all that I prayed & hoped for you,
My heart in anguish cried.

What will happen dear Lord,
As they walk their way, careless, free,
Indifferent to learning more of your will
Not prayerful considering Thee?

They’re walking in ways different than we
Disregarding the things they were taught,
Mocking in action, scoffing us Lord,
Not in their words, but their walk

Lord, save them I pray, for only you are the One,
That can touch the heart of stone.
Take the precious, the son, the daughter for You,
Make them your diamonds dear Lord.

The tear that I shed is not alone,
Though beautiful, translucent it be.
It has been added to many & still others more
In meditation and prayer to Thee.

You promised O Lord to save them, oh,.
My heart is pained as I want.
It’s possible Lord, for you have said it is so,
Please give me the grace to wait

They are precious to me, these children of mine.
So blessed, so special I see.
O give me them Lord as trophies to Thee.
Your own special jewels do I plea.

Convict them of sin and righteousness too.
Give them love for your Word and Your law.
Bring us all to Thy feet to fellowship there
A family, whole & complete.

One more tear have I shed this morning O Lord,
To put in that bottle for Thee.
Precious offerings of love and of pain will I give.
I want only to see them for Thee.

Like diamonds that glitter, like stones do they stand,
On pillow or blanket or me,
A tear of the love you have given for all.
Please work in our hearts, Lord of love.