Final Events

Terrible and solemn time shall that be,
When from north to south, from the west even to the east,
Shall we with our eyes see,
The wrath of God upon those who worship the beast.

Noisome and grievous sores,
Shall suffer they who worship the beast and his image.
Anger shall rise out of their pores,
As they plot to banish the woman’s lineage.

The sea shall become as blood of a dead man,
And every living thing shall die therein,
For a just and worthy reward,
For their great and terrible sin.

Therefore the angel of the Lord declares:
“Thou art righteous, O Lord, for thou hast judged thus,
For they have shed the blood of saints,
Thou hast given them blood to drink, for they are worthy.”

The sun shall burn with powerful heat,
The land shall mourn, and garners shall be desolate.
But thy suffering sheep, Oh Lord,
Shalt thou not forget.

Suddenly a darkness shall be upon the land,
On the throne and seat of the beast.
So black and thick shall it be,
That none which worship the beast shall be able to see.

Then shall that battle begin,
Michael and His angels shall fight,
Against the serpent and sin,
Which have forever been in sight.

Suddenly a great and terrible earthquake shall shake the earth,
As in the midst of all the shaking elements,
The people of God listen in solemn emotion,
The voice of God like the sound of many waters say:
“It is done.”

The mountains shook like a reed, and the sea was like a boiling caldron,
As the Lord announced the day and hour of His coming.
The words rolled through the earth like thunder;
It was awfully solemn.

The graves were opened,
And many of them that slept awoke,
Some to everlasting life,
And some to shame and everlasting contempt.

Then shall Christ’s glorious return be seen!
As a black cloud in the distance,
Brighter as it draws nearer,
Shall the people of God exclaim in a victorious voice:
“Behold our God, whom we have awaited,
And He shall save us!”

– Heidi Alonso