The Good Way Series

The Good Way Series are 13 articles which presents in further detail the major differences between the SDA Church and the SDA Reform Movement.

  1. The Angel of Revelation 18 and the Message of 1888
  2. The Church And The Remnant
  3. Christ Knocking At The Door
  4. The Testimony Of Jesus In The Remnant Church
  5. Righteousness By Faith
  6. The Church And The World
  7. Health Reform And Christian Temperance
  8. Is Marriage A Contract For Life?
  9. The Sealing Message
  10. Seventh-Day Adventism And Ecumenism
  11. Conscientious Objection Or Combatancy?
    1. Part II
    2. Part III
  12. Reorganization In Laodicea
  13. The SDA Reform Movement Origin And Early Experiences