What are quilts you wonder, you ask.
Let me tell you with few words, then we shall pass
From the object discovered to the lessons attached
To quilters and pieces, created at last.

A quilt is collected some fabric around
That aren’t so useful if left as they’re found.
Some match and some don’t, but they all gather round
At the touch of the designer who has a plan that was found.

There are patch works, and cabins, flowers and all
Sorts of woven concoctions on bed or on wall.
They are wonderful, pretty and helpful sometimes
That is if you use them with no grease or grime.

A quilt is a masterpiece of patience and thread
Of working and working till tired in the head
Of pricks and of bloodstains, when thimble is gone
Of thread ends and wood frames until it is done.

The quilter is patient I told you of this
At least in this project when things aren’t amiss.
They toil and they puzzle to get things just right
And hope the receiver will understand their plight.

They give and they give for a special reward
To know that their efforts gave a certain award
A smile, acknowledgment that their labours were there
For the one who will get it, undeserving, with care.

A quilt is not given so flippantly so
Time and the effort cannot make it go
To just anyone anywhere, no that won’t do
It goes to the loved one and that one is you.

So thanks for the quilts mom, they speak of your love.
May your labours be recorded in heaven above.

For now, we have reminders of all of your care,
Though miles are many the quilt is still there.

Its on the bed daily to remind me to pray
For the Lord to attend thee and guide you His way.
Keep on with your working, grow weary, no not.
Though we may not have said so, they do mean a lot.

The quilts keep on speaking, though present not here
The Lord in His wisdom is the One who is near
Who knows of the deepness of love and of care
For one who keeps showing her love ever dear.

Now lessons from quilts I promised to share
Of more than of love of patience and care.
They speak of our lives though individual they be
All unmatched and assorted, like you and like me.

But as we submit everyday to the Designer above
And let Him do cutting and sewing of love
A wonderful masterpiece then will be given
A body of members in a place called Heaven.

That means patience and toil, of bloodstains again
Of letting ourselves go and taking the pain
That our Lord and our Master allows in our lives
To change us and make us to be like His life.

So let us get busy and pray really hard,
That He will do His work in our hearts so hard
Let’s quit of our self, and let Him be our all
Our responses, our actions, our words and our call.

Then His quilt will be ready to place in that hall
Of masterpiece creations displayed over all
In that wonderful eternity not so far away
Where all that is lovely will be more than a say.

I want to be there with you too in that place.
Let us grasp of His love, His strength and His grace.
To be all that He wants no matter the call
To love and to trust, obey…give our all.

– PJ