‘Draw Close’


O Dear LORD, my closet Friend,
The Alpha, Omega, no beginning nor end,
My heart is puzzled, saddened, how –
Can I share your love with others right now?

So many ‘Christians’ talk the talk,
But so few, so few can walk the walk.
They’re trying LORD with feeble strength
To fulfill their ideas and O what lengths,
They go in working with their own plans,
But forget the thorns and nail-pierced hands

I want to convey to them Your gracious love,
That they can commune with You e’en while still above,
The precious gift of conscience clear,
But more than that, Your voice to hear.
Day by day, and hour by hour,
They can know Your peace and feel Your power.

LORD, touch their hearts and give a sense
Of Your steadfast love and close presence.
Help us all to know from above
The reality of your message of love –
“Lo, I am with you always”, go forth go on
We’ll meet very soon, in the great beyond.

Tell them, my child, that I love them dear.
I’m waiting to speak, if they’ll only hear.
My heart is longing, waiting, yes –
To have them call and talk and press
Ever close to My spear- pierced side
For protection yes and still to hide.

From what is yet to come upon this dear Earth
Waste, famine, pestilence, death and dearth.

That enemy of Mine and even yours,
Wants only to kill, to destroy all ours.
But My power is great, My plan will not fail.
Just draw every closer, My name you can hail.
I love you all, O precious ones;
Let Me lead you and guide you till all is done.

Morning by morning, call to Me,
Send forth your praise, set forth your plea.
But listen too, I have much to say
To help you on the upward way
A voice behind you, a hand before
I will lead you through the only Door.

Look unto Me, O all ye Earth,
My life I gave to show your worth.
Wait not till Heaven to be My friend.
Right now we can be close without end.
I love you child, all Heaven is yours.
Even though you meet your share of wars.

But soon the battle will be done
The victory secured, on Calvary won.
I love you people, what more can I say
I’ve showed all I can, done what I may.
I want you with Me, now and then
Come close, I love you, time without end!