I Long To Behold Him


I long to behold Him
To see His lovely face,
To hold Him and praise Him
And thank Him for His grace.

He left so much to come to this earth,
In exchange for agony, distress and worse,
The angels, their worship, the joys and peace,
He left for you and me, that sin would cease.

He struggled, He wept, He prayed and more,
With tears of compassion, healings, restored –
The sick, the dying, the captive and me,
He came to earth to set us free.

What can I give in return for all this-
The promise of Heaven and eternity’s bliss?
Nothing I have of value to Him
But my sin, sick soul, He died to win.

O thank You, praise You, my gracious Lord,
All the gifts of Heaven, with love You poured.
Accept my thanks, my praise, my all,
I long to behold You and sing in awe.

O Blessed be the Son of God,
O join with me and give Him laud.
Such a beautiful Saviour, Lord and Friend
Merciful, giving, Love without end.