Sometimes The Cross Is Too Heavy


Sometimes the cross is too heavy
It seems for me to bear
But grace is promised to carry
Right now and everywhere.

It’s specially suited to the one
Whose job it is to carry
To purify, ennoble, change the life,
Of the one who feels so weary.

The cross is a symbol we know
To our dull perception of sin
To teach us how to leave all
To submit ourselves to Him.

The One who gave up all things
Who stooped so low to earth
Who counted nothing worthwile
Except to show our worth.

He took up His cross daily,
He suffered, He hurt, He died.
He left us the path to follow,
He opened His heart so wide.

Give me that grace to follow
In paths that hurt my feet
I need the joy in the sorrow
Until one day we meet.

Give me that grace to lift it
That cross for me tis made
I’m willing to live and carry
Until that day I am laid.

In bed of earth or ashes
With eyes closed still by death
Awaiting the great lifegiver
Who rescues His people if.

They trust, obey and carry
The cross of Christ through life
If they long for His appearing
And patiently wait the strife.

You are worthy of all that we go through
For you suffered much more
Than we will ever be called for
To carry now or forevermore.

O give me grace to follow
My Lord, My Christ, My Friend,
I really desire to follow
With Thee until the end.

O give me grace to follow,
I don’t’ have the power within
I can only live by Thy promise
To live and overcome sin.

Remove my hurts and my sorrows
My sin, my self and my pleas
For ease, for comfort and all things
That would hurt Thy cause.

I commit myself to you Lord,
You are my all in all.
O give me grace to follow
To hear that final call.