The Braided Rug

  The braided rug, it speaks to me Of bygone days filled with simplicity. Worked with care & patient hands Traversed from there to another land. Recycled clothes from who knows where, Braided, sewn, created with care. The number of […]

The Sanctuary

  Moses went up to the Mount, A long time did he tarry. There the Lord instructed him, To build a sanctuary. He then came down the mountain, And told of God’s good plans. He asked for many willing gifts, […]

Lost And Found

  I once had a dear friend From days of the past. She walked close to God, And to His Word she held fast. But one day she went away To see the people of her kin, Whom the enemy […]

Just A Little Longer

  Oh, just a little longer, On life’s tempestuous sea. Soon this voyage will be over, And Christ will come for you and me. Yes, Just a little longer, Amidst these angry waves. Soon our Savior shall return, His faithful […]


A Christian’s life may have much sorrow, He may encounter pain and grief; But in the Dear Heav’nly Father He may find peace and sweet relief. God allows these storms to come Because they’re blessings in disguise; And one day […]


  The eyes that cried for the sins of man, The eyes that were full of light, Are the loving eyes that never sleep But watch you through the night. The hands that healed and blessed, The hands that bled […]

God Speaks

When my life seems overwhelmed With disappointments and despair; When I feel my heart is broken, And I need someone to care. When all seems to go so wrong And the world’s aloof and cold; When I fret and wish […]