A Prayer

O, Lord, cure my blindness, My eyes that do not see. Still the clamor of my words And grant me victory. O, Lord, help me to stand still And know that thou art God, To turn my face to Calvary, […]

One More Tear . . .

This morning while praying, I thought of you, My child, my loved, my life, Of all that I prayed & hoped for you, My heart in anguish cried. What will happen dear Lord, As they walk their way, careless, free, […]

Final Events

Terrible and solemn time shall that be, When from north to south, from the west even to the east, Shall we with our eyes see, The wrath of God upon those who worship the beast. Noisome and grievous sores, Shall […]

I’m Here

  Draw close to Me, I am your Friend For time as we know and time without end. Look not right now to behold My face I can be close to you wher’er your place. My presence is promised to […]


  What are quilts you wonder, you ask. Let me tell you with few words, then we shall pass From the object discovered to the lessons attached To quilters and pieces, created at last. A quilt is collected some fabric […]

Count the Mercies

  “Count the mercies! count the mercies! Number all the gifts of love; Keep a daily, faithful record Of the comforts from above. Look at all the lovely green spots In life’s weary desert way; Think how many cooling fountains […]

‘Til The Sun Shines Again

‘Til the sun shines again; Lord, protect me all the night, Keep thine angels ever near, ‘Til the morn comes with its light. ‘Til the sun smiles upon us; Lord, keep me ’til the break of day, When the shadows […]

‘Draw Close’

  O Dear LORD, my closet Friend, The Alpha, Omega, no beginning nor end, My heart is puzzled, saddened, how – Can I share your love with others right now? So many ‘Christians’ talk the talk, But so few, so […]

I Long To Behold Him

  I long to behold Him To see His lovely face, To hold Him and praise Him And thank Him for His grace. He left so much to come to this earth, In exchange for agony, distress and worse, The […]

Sometimes The Cross Is Too Heavy

  Sometimes the cross is too heavy It seems for me to bear But grace is promised to carry Right now and everywhere. It’s specially suited to the one Whose job it is to carry To purify, ennoble, change the […]